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kinda peeved :/

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kinda peeved :/

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:46 pm

Alrighty pplz...i was on the rifle server the other day and was once again accused of wh 'ing. Whoever is reading this, have u ever been accused of wh ' ing? Do u know what it does to ur rep and how ppl start to define u? It's quite annoying. I'm just naturally skilled with rifles and when the two sides are duking it out in a particular place and u die u go back to that place right? Well i did just that and watch and heard an opponent shoot up at someone from rr. So i waited fro them to come out. Sure enough when they did i shot em and was accused of walling. Harbor is not a big map and when u play the same map over and over and over u become very familiar where ppl spawn and where the popular places are to hide. I would highly suggest that ppl really need to watch someone for a while b4 they r so quick to accuse one of hacking becuase the consiquences of that rumor can be quite bothersome. I'm not going to say who, but you know who u are.


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Re: kinda peeved :/

Post by Pun on Mon Apr 12, 2010 4:57 pm

I understand der Lazy.But I must say:You already had that name before the other night,or day whatever the time of day it was.I am sorry about that.But You must understand that there have been so many accuse you from about all the server's in 1.3.So are they all wrong?Are they all seeing the same thing and accusing you for that reason or are they just picking you out of all the people to make your life a living nightmare because you are just good?Well i try to give people the bennifit of the doubt.To all stories,there is something true about them to get them started.Sometimes the story grows a lot before it's all said and done.But all stories are based on a certain amount of truth.So Go Figure!I do also know that harbor isnt that big and it is easy to find everyone.But there is also A lil differance in knowing where people are and when they will come around a corner.


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Re: kinda peeved :/

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 12, 2010 7:58 pm

I understand where you are coming from Marn, but when someone has smart strategy and understands where sounds come from and know where to look when leaning around a corner with fast reaction time, ppl get quick with the accusations and have u noticed that if you dont kill em they never accuse u but i can get a lot of kills on rifles so for some ppl a good score has GOT to mean something is fishy. Do you really believe that if i did have a wh that i would honestly use it all the time? Someone plz get a demo of me. I have a demo the someone sent to me that they recorded because they thought i was wall hacking. What is so funny about it is...when the match started i chose to b german so i started at german spawn then i instantly jumped on top of the gun looking into lturn. i waited and waited there for about one min b4 someone finally came out. I killed him and sat there some more then the same guy came out again and i killed him again. Then he told an admin to watch me because i was walling. I would love for you guys to see that video and u can see what i put up with. Divine said he didnt know what that guy wanted him to look at cuz there was nothing going on. Lazyeye7183. Add me and i will b more than happy to send u the demo of me ""wallhacking""...If ur buddies with someone and they think someone wall hacks...what are the chances ppl will believe em? really now


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Re: kinda peeved :/

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:46 am

I have been accused of it before numerous times Lazy, and was actually banned from an MsM server for possible suspicion. Sometimes expert players are blamed for it; although we cannot simply suspect no wallhack. In my mind, I feel that you are legit in your game play; sound is a very important aspect of the game. It can be frustrating, know that we are not trying to "get you" but to seek after honest game play. Sometimes people need to be educated on the vast resources in COD to use in order to pin point peoples position and so I advise you to be patient, kind, understanding, informative, acceptive of demos as you have shown, and respectful at all times. Not that it is always easy to do these things, but that you should do these things. have a good one lazy.

Know that your own testimony is either contributing to your truthful or to your lie... not that I am saying that you are lying, just giving you a picture of the mindset we all show in our lives... Very Happy

Have a good day Lazy.



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Re: kinda peeved :/

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:01 pm

Thank you Corn, I'm glad some ppl realize that expert players just dont run around corners and ignore where shots are being fired from. I will say it was my fault to start the whole wallhacking bit because of my noobieness when i first started the game. I told someone i had a wallhack so they could trust me to find the wallhackers because i was once told by an admin of a different clan that he used a wallhack to easily catch them. So after i heard that i told someone in high ranking here in msm that i had it so i could b his right hand man and found out that just having one is not cool. All it takes is one person to spread the rumor of a wallhacker so i would appreciate it if someone would view my demo or spec me and start saying that i dont wh. Thats all i'm asking. I have been a legit player since day one and continue to play that way.


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Re: kinda peeved :/

Post by Default_33 on Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:34 pm

i understand u lazy, ive specced u before just to see ur tactics, and its very obvious u do not hack, but ill still prob be specking u so i can finally get almost as good as u lol!

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Re: kinda peeved :/

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