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Forum was hacked Empty Forum was hacked

Post by [WoF]GoA.Pun on Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:31 pm

Lots of weird stuff has taken place on the forum.

I am not happy about it at all and plan to find out exactly what is going on, the admin panel log is not very helpful as it has been manipulated someway as well but, I will not stop investigating until I am satisfied that I have all of the the info that can be possibly obtained.

If you are reading this and you or your group are the ones who hacked our forum, I must say to you that this is absolutely the most childless and unnecessary thing you folks could do. I mean what are you looking to gain here? Maybe you were trying to re-direct money via our forum's Donate button or something because surely you have more of a like than to just go about hacking a gaming forum don't you, I mean surely you are not that much of a true blue LOOSER are you? Well, maybe you actually are and I feel so sorry for you but I strive to find the good in people and I know that you are better than this, surely you are.

Anyway, I will be honest with you regardless and I have filed a full complaint with forumotion forums, they WILL look into the whole matter and their rep told me that even though this is a freebie form, all of the the federal laws and penalties still apply if it is being hacked or compromised and the rep told me that they WILL PROSECUTE to the very best of their fullest abilities if you are nailed down as the one or ones who did this.

Please, leave our little forum along ok, their is absolutely nothing for you do gain here. Our Donate button is secured through PayPal as you can see if you clicked it and they guarantee any and all donations that are made from this forum so that there is nothing that can benefit you here. Please, if hacking is your thing, surely there are bigger things you can find out there. Maybe we were a trial run to see if your mathematical formulas will work elsewhere, I dont know but whatever the case, please, leave us in peace ok. We are just small time here.

We forgive you for doing this and I ask you please, dont abuse our forum please. There is just nothing to it that is worth your time I assure you.

I hope that you will take this into full consideration and act in a positive manner and not do this again.

Thank you sincerely and best regards to you and may God bless you too. Please, dont ok.

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