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Playing Tonight (Wed 6/25)

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Playing Tonight (Wed 6/25)

Post by Badger on Wed Jun 25, 2014 8:23 pm

I plan to play tonight. I am downloading the game on Steam right now. If anyone wants to play I should be on. If I am not in-game hit me up on here, on xfire (sterkurbadger) or steam (badger1014).

I can be on teamspeak too but I can only listen as I don't have a mic yet.


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Re: Playing Tonight (Wed 6/25)

Post by [WoF]GoA.Pun on Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:29 am

Ah, sorry I missed that one for sure. I could not log onto the forum or server last night at all because of in-laws and company plus Church.

Wednesdays are not easy for me at all to get on, so unless something changes and I doubt it will, I will have to sit out on Wednesdays..

Maybe sometimes after 9:30 pm or so I might get on but only for a minute. If you had to sit and listen to my father in law like I have to for 2 hours after church a couple times a week you would understand lol hehehe, what a beaner he is lol.. Great guy but just absolutely wears one out with intense conversation.. An old salty dog Marine Corp fellow he is out of the Vietnam era..and he loves talking to his son in laws and laying down the law hehehe!

I hope he never sees this post lol, I don't want to every quarrel with this guy for sure wow lol!

I suppose that was a little off topic..

God bless you fellows.

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Re: Playing Tonight (Wed 6/25)

Post by [WoF]COL.Papi on Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:23 am

I will be on tomorrow myself. Pun hopefully you can get on now that we got that problem fixed with PB. Gotta see how rusty all of you are  Razz Razz Razz 

It'll probably been around anywhere 6 PM EST, and on forward. I will be on TS as well, and like you said Pun, just double check that TS since it's not showing properly. But, I'm ready to play with ya'll.

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Re: Playing Tonight (Wed 6/25)

Post by Sponsored content

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